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§ Commercial Companies Law
  • setting-up the commercial law companies (among others, registered partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability, and joint-stock companies),
  • developing draft protocols and resolutions from the Meeting of Partners, Meeting of the Board , and the Supervisory Board,
  • drawing up regulations for the Board and the Supervisory Board,
  • liquidating the commercial law companies, representing in the bankruptcy proceedings.
§ Civil Law
  • reviewing, drawing up, and negotiating contracts used in business trading,
  • recovering debt,
  • claiming damages,
  • representing before Courts of all instances in civil and commercial cases,
  • running divorce and maintenance cases, inheritance division cases, and co-ownership dissolution.
§ Administrative Law
  • representing in administrative proceedings before the government and local government bodies and before the Provincial Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • servicing budgetary companies and local government entities,
  • servicing cases as part of the building law (land development conditions, building permit, etc.).
§ Labour Law
  • representing in court disputes as part of the labour law,
  • drawing up the employment and remuneration regulations and other documents related to the employment of workers (among others, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements).
§ Public Procurement Law
  • reviewing and developing draft terms of reference and other documents,
  • current consulting in the scope of proceedings being run – both for the Ordering Party and the Contractors,
  • representing before the National Chamber of Appeal.

The above-mentioned list covers only typical cases we deal with most commonly. I also run cases outside the above-mentioned scope, depending on the Customer's needs.

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