Settlement System

In case of a constant legal servicing of entrepreneurs we offer a monthly flat-rate remuneration.

Hourly settlement is also possible just as the mixed option - flat rate covering the set number of hours; having exceeded the set number of hours, hourly settlement  is applied. The settlement is carried out on a monthly basis against the VAT invoice.

Remuneration for services provided to individual Customers is set subject to the regulations of the Order of the Ministry of Justice regarding the fees for actions of the legal advisors. Depending on the character of a case the fees may be flat-rate fees or calculated on the basis of the value of the subject of the case.

In case of a constant legal servicing a flat-rate remuneration is the most advantageous. It includes all the issues the entrepreneur seeks help with. In case of the hourly settlement, the Customers wanting to save money try to solve some cases independently which may result in mistakes and absorbs the employees' time.

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