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For the Offices

We address our services also to other offices - both advisor's and lawyer's offices.

We ensure the participation of the substitution attorney in cases run before courts in Poznań and the area. Legal consultancy regarding our specialization is also possible.

In case of granting the substitution Power of Attorney I offer not only my presence during the hearings but also their exact account, status of the case, and the content of the court records.

Andrzej Ugolik Legal Advisor
Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Andrzej Ugolik
ul. Bukowska 17/5
60-809 Poznań
tel./faks: 61 868 77 60
tel. kom.: 603 801 902
Legal Advisor's Office Andrzej Ugolik logo
ul. Bukowska 17/5
60-809 Poznań
tel./fax.: 61 868 77 60
mobile phone: 603 801 902

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