Our Offer

For the Institutional Customers

The Office offers legal services for municipal companies, budgetary companies, unions of communes, and other entities of the public finance sector.

The provided services include solving current legal issues in the form of e-mail and telephone consultancy, as well as during the regular duty at the Customer's premises. We review and draw up draft contracts and internal acts (regulations, orders, resolutions, etc.). We advice in the scope of public offering at every stage (beginning with the development of the Terms of Reference to the selection of the most advantageous offer and signing the Contract).

Using the services of a qualified lawyer allows avoiding many mistakes which solving would be much more time-consuming and more expensive.

Andrzej Ugolik Legal Advisor
Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Andrzej Ugolik
ul. Bukowska 17/5
60-809 Poznań
tel./faks: 61 868 77 60
tel. kom.: 603 801 902
Legal Advisor's Office Andrzej Ugolik logo
ul. Bukowska 17/5
60-809 Poznań
tel./fax.: 61 868 77 60
mobile phone: 603 801 902

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