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For the Entrepreneurs

The main part of the Office's operation is the constant servicing of entrepreneurs, no matter the legal form, size or the type of the run business. We cooperate with both individual entrepreneurs as with companies.

The constant legal servicing covers solving all kinds of legal problems the Customers come across. The performed actions include the on-going e-mail and telephone consultancy, preparing, reviewing, and negotiating contracts or developing information and legal advices. We represent our Customers in the registration, administrative or labour law proceedings.

Regular presence of a lawyer or a legal advisor in the Customer's premises is possible. We also deal with debt recovery proceedings including the court mediatory, writ-of-payment, and enforcement proceedings. The office represents Customers both before courts and in enforcement proceedings - at every stage of the debt recovery process. The Customers receive regular reports on the status of the run cases.

Services are provided without any holiday breaks. We ensure substitution of a different legal advisor in case the owner of the Office is absent.

From my experience I know that the constant legal servicing allows cutting costs of running the business activity and increasing its safety. Recoverability of debt is improved and the number of court disputes resulting from unclear or disadvantageous contracts is decreased.

Andrzej Ugolik Legal Advisor
Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Andrzej Ugolik
ul. Bukowska 17/5
60-809 Poznań
tel./faks: 61 868 77 60
tel. kom.: 603 801 902
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ul. Bukowska 17/5
60-809 Poznań
tel./fax.: 61 868 77 60
mobile phone: 603 801 902

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